How do I stay on top of the latest SEO news?

There is always a lot of shouting in the land of SEO specialists, and not everything is always true. This makes it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and understand what is actually going on.

On top of that, there are shifts within this field every day, making it difficult to keep track of everything. In this article, I reveal how I myself stay abreast of the latest SEO news and what channels I use to do so.

It is important to note here that some websites are more likely to be created for the seasoned specialist. Don’t be afraid. I have also used these websites in my earlier years within this field. What I did then was write down everything I was still familiar with and then look up for myself what it was and how I could use it for my clients. This is the way to learn SEO self-taught(outside of my course).

How often am I covering SEO news?

Of course I am working on SEO every day. So to break this down, I like to give the following list of channels I get SEO information from.

  1. Online research and consulting websites with SEO news: 3 times a week.
  2. Sparring with clients and suppliers of SEO services: daily.
  3. Sparring with employees: daily.

This combined brings me the following:

  1. I am always up to date with the latest going on within SEO land.
  2. I can provide my clients with the most up-to-date answers within SEO (think also about Core updates from Google and how to deal with them).
  3. I provide in-house training with the latest news.
  4. I enjoy sharing the news I get back in as well.

How to stay on top of SEO news (video)

No time for a long article? No problem. Watch the video below for a summary of this article.

How to stay on top of SEO news (video).

Best SEO blogs: My review

Important in this selection is who is behind the websites, what are the sources of these websites, what kind of news is shared (only SEO or also other channels) and finally how frequently is news shared.

In practice, I find that many of the sources I use for my knowledge around SEO come from the US. So keep in mind that the US is often ahead in terms of updates from Google. Google often tests and deploys cases earlier in the U.S. than other countries worldwide.

What I notice with Dutch websites is that the general level of knowledge is fairly low here and that the latest news is not always included. I also find it increasingly difficult to distinguish between real articles by subject matter experts and link building articles….

  1. Search Engine Land
  2. Search Engine Journal
  3. Search Engine Roundtable (my personal favorite, this is more for the advanced specialist though).
  4. Ahrefs (I use Ahrefs myself, the articles are getting better and better!).
  5. Yoast
  6. Google’s Search and SEO Blog (the advantage of this website is that everything is published by Google – this is at the same time also the biggest disadvantage because Google does not always tell objectively how their own algorithm works, they are secretive about that).
  7. MOZ Blog (I grew up within SEO with Rand Fishkin’s whiteboard Fridays – now I feel old!).
  8. SEMrush Blog


In short, for the seasoned specialist, it is important to follow the latest SEO news to actually get these news in and apply them. For the novice specialist, it is important for two reasons; learning the latest SEO news and learning more about SEO at the same time.

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