Off-page SEO optimization

Getting started with off-page SEO optimization? Check out my checklist and roadmap on this page and get started right away.

Off-page SEO checklist

Use this off-page SEO checklist as input for your own link-building strategy. Each website will differ, so these are global points that a link building program can meet to maximize the chances of success.

Link building optimization checklistImportance (1-100)Difficulty level (1-100)Time for Implementation (1-100)
1. Conduct thorough backlink research957570
2. Build high-quality, relevant backlinks959085
3. Make use of natural anchor texts857070
4. Avoid A-B swapping of links908070
5. Avoid (cheap) paid links857060
6. Use internal links strategically857070
7. Build relationships with relevant bloggers and influencers908580
8. Create content that is shareable908080
9. Do guest blogging on relevant websites858080
10. Use social media to promote your content857070
11. Check regularly for broken links857070
12. Use a subdivision of link types (no-follow, do-follow)807060
13. Write and distribute press releases on relevant platforms807570
14. Use infographics to attract links808075
15. Engage in online PR and brand promotion.858080
16. Make use of industry and business directories807065
17. Take advantage of forums and communities within your niche807070
18. Submit your website to relevant web directories756560
19. Provide a linkable and valuable ‘about us’ and ‘contact us’ page806060
20. Monitor your backlink profile regularly907575

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Off-page SEO optimization

Link building roadmap

Here is a global link building roadmap you can get started with. Should you want to outsource the entire link building process, check out this page.

1Conduct thorough backlink researchSEO SpecialistHigh2 weeks
1Build high-quality, relevant backlinksSEO specialist, PR teamHigh4 weeks
2Make use of natural anchor textsSEO specialist, content teamHigh2 weeks
2Avoid link exchange programsSEO SpecialistHigh2 weeks
3Use internal links strategicallySEO specialist, content teamMiddle2 weeks
3Build relationships with relevant bloggers and influencersSEO specialist, PR teamMiddle4 weeks
4Create shareable contentContent team, SEO specialistMiddle3 weeks
4Do guest blogging on relevant websitesSEO specialist, content teamMiddle3 weeks
5Check regularly for broken linksSEO specialist, web developerMiddle2 weeks
5Use a diversity of link types (no-follow, do-follow)SEO SpecialistMiddle2 weeks
6Write and distribute press releases on relevant platformsPR team, SEO specialistMiddle3 weeks
6Use infographics to attract linksContent team, graphic designer, SEO specialistMiddle3 weeks

The length of time is based on general estimates and may vary depending on the size of the site, the availability of resources, and the technical complexity of each task. The roadmap is designed to reflect an order of priority of tasks, but some tasks can be performed in parallel to reduce overall implementation time.


Get started with the checklist and roadmap to get the most out of your link building. Note that link building takes time to have a full effect on findability. Patience is key here, especially when starting a new website.

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