Content optimization for SEO

Getting started with SEO content optimization? On this page you will find a handy checklist and roadmap to get started on this today.

SEO content checklist

Use this SEO content checklist as an initial roadmap to determine what you can pick up for a structured content strategy.

SEO Content optimization checklistImportance (1-100)Difficulty level (1-100)Time for implementation (1-100)
1. Conduct thorough keyword research957570
2. Provide high-quality, relevant content958085
3. Use relevant keywords in titles and subtitles907070
4. Optimize meta tags (title, description)856060
5. Use internal and external links857070
6. Ensure correct content structure (H1, H2, H3, etc.).856565
7. Use relevant keywords in the URL806060
8. Write short and catchy introductions807065
9. Make sure the text is easy to read856570
10. Use images and videos whenever possible857075
11. Provide a clear and relevant call-to-action907070
12. Provide regular content updates908080
13. Ensure a consistent tone of voice857075
14. Use social share buttons806060
15. Implement schema markup where relevant857570
16. Write meta descriptions that encourage clicks857070
17. Use long-tail keywords857070
18. Optimize for featured snippets857575
19. Write attractive and relevant page titles857070
20. Make use of alt texts with images805060
SEO content checklist.

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Content optimization for SEO

SEO content roadmap

This is a global SEO content roadmap you can get started with. It is important to note that it is important to publish weekly quality articles on the website throughout the course. For my clients (and own website), I always try to make this as scalable as possible.

1Conduct thorough keyword researchSEO specialist, content teamHigh2 weeks
1Provide high-quality, relevant contentContent team, SEO specialistHigh2 weeks
2Use relevant keywords in titles and subtitlesContent team, SEO specialistHigh2 weeks
2Optimize meta tags (title, description)SEO specialist, content teamHigh2 weeks
3Use internal and external linksSEO specialist, content teamMiddle3 weeks
3Ensure correct content structure (H1, H2, H3, etc.)Content team, SEO specialistMiddle1 week
4Write short and catchy introductionsContent team, SEO specialistMiddle2 weeks
4Make sure the text is easy to readContent team, SEO specialistMiddle2 weeks
5Use images and videos whenever possibleContent team, graphic designer, video editorMiddle3 weeks
5Provide a strong call-to-actionContent team, UX designerMiddle1 week
6Provide regular content updatesContent team, SEO specialistMiddle4 weeks
6Ensure a consistent tone of voiceContent teamMiddle2 weeks
SEO content roadmap.

The length of time is based on general estimates and may vary depending on the size of the site, the availability of resources, and the technical complexity of each task. The roadmap is designed to reflect an order of priority of tasks, but some tasks can be performed in parallel to reduce overall implementation time.


Feel free to use my checklist and roadmap for improved SEO content optimization. To emphasize this again, the most important thing in a content strategy is the quality x quantity of content on the website. For your content strategy, this means that posting quality content to the website weekly is the most important thing. Good luck!

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With this broad experience within SEO, I have developed the SEO course and helped hundreds of companies with improved findability in Google in a sustainable and transparent way. For this you can consult my portfolio, references and collaborations.

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