Technical SEO optimization

Getting started with technical SEO optimization? On this page you will find a clear checklist and step-by-step plan to start working on the technology of your website today.

My technical SEO checklist

Are you planning to get started with technical SEO optimization? A clear checklist helps in carrying this out.

Technical SEO ChecklistImportance (1-100)Difficulty level (1-100)Time for Implementation (1-100)
1. Make sure the website can be indexed958075
2. Implement SSL/HTTPS908580
3. Improve website loading speed958085
4. Make the website mobile-friendly958080
5. Create an XML sitemap and robots.txt file857065
6. Optimize website URL structure.857070
7. Use schema markup for structured data857570
8. Monitor and fix broken links857070
9. Avoid duplicate content857570
10. Make use of breadcrumb navigation807065
11. Provide an error-free 404 page806060
12. Use canonical tags where appropriate857570
13. Monitor and optimize crawl budget858080
14. Optimize images (size, compress, alt tags)856070
15. Ensure correct HTTP status codes907575
16. Ensure implementation of hreflang for multilingual sites808070
17. Conduct regular technical SEO audits908585
18. Check for mobile usability issues in Google Search Console857070
19. Implement correct pagination for category pages807070
Ensure proper implementation of tracking codes (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc.) 20.907580

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Technical SEO optimization

A technical SEO roadmap

What might a technical SEO strategy look like? This is an overall SEO roadmap and not necessarily based on one specific website. Feel free to use it as an example for your own personalized strategy.

1Make sure the website can be indexedSEO specialist, web developerHigh2 weeks
1Implement SSL/HTTPSWeb developer, hosting providerHigh2 weeks
2Improve website loading speedWeb developer, SEO specialistHigh4 weeks
2Make the website mobile-friendlyWeb designer, web developerHigh4 weeks
3Create an XML sitemap and robots.txt fileSEO specialist, web developerHigh2 weeks
3Optimize website URL structureSEO specialist, web developerHigh2 weeks
4Use schema markup for structured dataSEO specialist, web developerMiddle3 weeks
4Monitor and fix broken linksSEO specialist, web developerMiddle1 week
5Avoid duplicate contentContent team, SEO specialistMiddle2 weeks
5Ensure correct content structure (H1, H2, H3, etc.)Content team, SEO specialistMiddle2 weeks
6Ensure an error-free 404 pageWeb developer, UX designerMiddle1 week
6Use canonical tags where appropriateSEO specialist, web developerMiddle1 week
6Monitor and optimize crawl budgetSEO specialist, web developerMiddle2 weeks

The time frame is based on general estimates and may vary depending on the size of the site, the availability of resources, and the technical complexity of the task. The roadmap is designed to reflect an order of priority of tasks, but some tasks can be performed in parallel to reduce overall implementation time.


With the checklist and roadmap above, you can get started with technical SEO today. Note that for smaller websites, the content component will often be slightly more important than the technology. For a larger website, such as a web shop, technical SEO will quickly become very important. Good luck!

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