Off-page SEO

Off page SEO are all the things that happen outside or around your website. This mainly involves “link building. We explain exactly what link building entails and how to optimize your website’s off page SEO.

Link Building

Off-page SEO mainly consists of a lot of link building. Link building is obtaining relevant links on other sites that point to your own site. Link building aims to get more visitors to the website. Because other sites link to your site, you get ”rating” from Google. After all, this shows Google that your content is relevant and informative on certain topics. This rating causes your website to rank better in search engines than websites that have few backlinks.

Performing link building

We also perform link building for our clients. In this way, we offer quality offerings in every area of SEO. We use the ABC link exchange method.

It is important that two websites do not link to each other. This is seen by Google as a minus and will not get you a better position in Google.

In ABC link exchange, one party names one website and the other party names two websites. All three sites deal with the same topic and are therefore relevant to each other. Site A links to site B, site B links to site C and site C links back to site A. The great advantage of this form of link building, is that Google does not realize that it is an agreed exchange.

With an ABC link exchange, Google thinks the link was placed entirely on the website owner’s own initiative. To this, Google sees it as an incredibly valuable backlink.

Use different IP addresses for all three sites. For now, when two sites are linked on the same IP address, Google may drop the value of the link.

An ABC link exchange is already very valuable for maintaining and growing your SEO. Using different IP addresses here creates additional security and link value.


Finding good sites to get backlinks from is tricky. Which sites are relevant and which are less so? You need to pay attention to several points when choosing a good site that may refer to you. For example, the quality of the backlink should be good and the site should be somewhat similar in theme to your website.

Use of social media

Not only link building is important for your off page SEO. Posting interesting posts and blogs through social media is also relevant to this. It’s a great way for a call-to-action, but also definitely to increase your brand awareness. After all, your posts can be shared and distributed. This way they reach a lot of people in a short time. This will have a positive effect on the findability of your site.

Our advice

We see link building as an important facet to qualitatively execute all SEO strategies for our clients. By obtaining quality links, with related topics, on a monthly basis, we can ensure this quality.

We are also happy to advise on the use of social media or appropriate call-to-actions on and around the website.

Want advice on link building? Please feel free to contact us. Rather go link building for your website yourself? Check out our course and optimize your SEO yourself.

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