Outsource technical SEO

Outsource technical SEO to a specialist

You have your own website, but are you satisfied with it? Perhaps you would like to outsource technical SEO to a specialist. This is just a very conscious and responsible choice. In fact, technical SEO is considered part of online marketing. But here the focus is on improving technical aspects of your website or web shop.

Do you know what all this includes? For technical SEO, think about the speed of your website, the structure of your website, clarity and readability of your website, a secure website through an SSL certificate and readable URLs.

How does technical SEO outsourcing work?

It is certainly interesting to learn more about how technical SEO outsourcing works. It starts by looking at your current website, listening to your needs and then working together to see what options there are for outsourcing work.

An SEO specialist will be happy to improve your company’s organic findability for you, all in a transparent and sustainable manner. Google will also measure the speed of your website, so a good reason to work on this as well.

After all, if your website is fast enough, the usability for your visitors will only improve as well. Here the faster your website is, the higher your search engine ranking. The speed of your website can be improved by:

  • Compressing images. Why? Because large images are an obstacle to the speed of your website. If you have a very large image, it also takes longer to load.
  • Optimizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Behind your website is a certain structure, by this we mean HTML as the house, your interior is CSS and the functionalities are provided by JavaScript.

A term you’re also going to see frequently is cache storage, but what is this? Caching basically means that your browser stores a copy of your website in cache memory. This also allows the website to load faster (the visitor gets to see a copy). If you use WordPress, there are several plugins that activate cache storage. However, cache memory also plays an important role in this.

Outsource technical SEO

Structure of your website

You have another important part that belongs to technical SEO and that is the structure of your website. It is then about how content is organized on your website. The right structure is important for the search engine, but also for your visitors.

Part of this involves continuing to add enough content to your website, but you need to be able to and keep it organized. Content should always be organized on your website. How can you do this?

The top 10 technical SEO tips

Especially for you, the top 10 technical SEO tips:

  • The first tip is, outsource SEO to an SEO specialist. Why? Because the specialist knows all the ins and outs in this field.
  • Get website speed improvements so you can get the most out of it.
  • Compress images with WordPress Smush, for example. This is a plug-in that causes images to be compressed and the quality of the image then remains just fine.
  • Reducing the number of redirects is also a real tip. The purpose of redirects is to direct visitors to the correct web page. Redirects allow a visitor to see relevant information.
  • Using SEO tools to get the most out of your website. In fact, SEO tools are available tools that you in turn can use to make the website more findable in Google.
  • Internal link structure is important. You need to make sure the highest quality content is linked on your web page. Google and other search engines can then find the content more easily, but so can visitors, of course. Internal links then are links that point to content within your own Web site.
  • Breadcrumbs, these are website links that show the visitor how she arrived at a page.
  • XML and HTML sitemap, this is basically the map of your website. The XML sitemap is there for Google and the HTML sitemap is there for visitors. This is a map with all the links you can find on your website. Google can crawl more easily thanks to the XML sitemap. In addition, visitors can more easily navigate through the content on your website thanks to the HTML sitemap.
  • What also matters is the clarity and readability of your own website/webshop. You should not use too much unnecessary text. Therefore, use only good text (work with an SEO copywriter, for example) and do not double post (duplicate).
  • Working with an SEO copywriter, why? Because the writer knows all the rules around SEO requirements and thus can optimize your website and provide it with the best texts.

Collaborate with a technical SEO specialist

In fact, the best thing you can do is to partner with an SEO specialist. This is because the SEO specialist knows the latest requirements, SEO tools and developments to ensure that the maximum can be achieved from your website/webshop. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then contact us right away so we can work together to see what we can improve about your website.

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