SEO UPdate #11 | 25/02/2022

Welcome to the eleventh SEO update, co-authored by an SEO specialist (Ralf). Let’s start right away.

When is a blog a good idea, according to John Mueller?

Blogs or websites are often started by marketers who have no affinity for the topics they write about. You notice this immediately in the quality of the items. A side note on the points below from me: this is mostly about when you want to start a website but don’t have the budget to hire copywriters.

John Mueller’s points are as follows:

  • Choose a topic for a website that you have some knowledge of.
  • Choose a topic for a website that you would want to write about even if Google did not index the pages.
  • Choose a topic where you don’t have an immediate commercial hit (or that this is the original intention).
  • Choose a topic where competition is feasible in the SERP. If there are already dozens of websites that are very far along, you will find that in practice it is difficult to really succeed.

I do agree with this, just a nuance here is, do you have budget to hire copywriters? Then you don’t necessarily have to adhere to this. In practice, I find that the people working on such projects often eventually begin to like it for their own reasons (and not just the subject matter).

For many people, running a website is just a lot of fun, dynamic and diverse.

Short news

Big news, presented quickly. Also some short news.

  • Google images are now finalized, I think it looks good, has something futuristic.
  • There was a thread on Reddit that stated that the average CPC of GAds had increased according to 82% of marketers.
  • Google is testing displaying the website name twice in the SERP. So it appears one more time above the current website name, in bold.
  • Now if you want to review a product, you must first indicate that you actually own the product. See the image below for info.

Concluding (a tantalizing idea)

Would you find it interesting if it were possible to give a canonical attribute (i.e. develop it first) to internal links? This allows you to include the subjects of the canonical through your anchor text. When creating content clusters, this is obviously very interesting.

That’s it again, until the next one!

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