SEO UPdate #17 | 23/03/2022

SEO Update #17, written by an SEO specialist. Do you guys already know why I write UP in capital letters everywhere? Today we have plenty to discuss again, so let’s start right away.

A lead SEO specialist at Google asks for advice

In a series of Twitter posts, Malte Ubl, a person who has worked at Google for 11 years, asks John Mueller for advice on a specific issue. Malte was the lead Google Search for desktop.

He asked how GoogleBot handles meta-http-equiv status. Specifically, he wanted to mark a document delivered as 2xx with a 4xx status code. He came up with a number of options for this, after which John Mueller came up with an answer. Below you can see the full interaction between John Mueller and Malte.

Malte tweets
Malte and John Mueller tweets

Malte worked more on the way results are presented in the SERP than the way GoogleBot crawls and indexes. Furthermore, Malte worked on the core web vitals project, AMP, web stories (and probably some other areas).

John Mueller on pricing your products

The price of your products have no impact on your ranking factor, according to Google’s John Mueller in 2016. Now, in 2022, Danny Sullivan explains why this is not a ranking factor.

Danny Sullivan indicates that product prices change too much to be used as a ranking factor. A product may be discounted or simply changed because of the wish of the owner of the shop. See below Danny Sullivan’s response in a tweet.

Interaction with Danny Sullivan

Google has launched the second version of the Google Ads editor and it includes new features. With this, Google is moving from version 1.8 to 2.0. An overview of the new features of version 2.0 can be found below.

Performance Max Campaigns is now supported in GAds 2.0. Feel free to add a campaign by going to a new campaign in the editor.

Onboarding for new users has received an update. The new user gets a series of new tips on various topics. Not a new user, but want the tips? This can be set via Help → Tutorials → New user introduction.

  • How do you work with images?
  • General recommendations
  • Advanced features for downloading
  • CSV import
  • Make multiple changes tool
  • Dialogue (account management)
  • Scheduled downloads
  • Custom rules
  • Advanced Search
  • Shared library
  • Find and fix errors

This is more relevant to SEA specialists than to those dealing with SEO, but it’s still interesting to get this in as well I think.


That was the SEO update of March 23, 2022. Hopefully you got a lot out of it and this will help you help your customers just a little bit better in the SERP again. Good luck!

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