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More and more companies are choosing to engage in online marketing. Some companies get into online marketing themselves. Others work with an online marketing agency. What exactly does an online marketing agency do? What are the benefits? Read all about it here.

What does an online marketing agency do?

An online marketing agency deals every day with helping companies achieve their goals through online marketing. Online marketing includes all marketing activities carried out on the Internet. An online marketing agency often offers a combination of online marketing services. Within these various forms of online marketing, an agency has a varied set of tasks. Below we discuss for each online marketing form, exactly what an online marketing agency does.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is all about optimizing a website to achieve a higher position in Google’s rankings. The higher your position in Google, the more organic visitors you generate. Google looks at hundreds of ranking factors to determine a website’s position. These ranking factors can be divided into content, link building and technology.

The advantage of SEO is that you do not have to invest in advertisements. In addition, a position obtained in Google does not go away overnight. SEO is a sustainable online marketing strategy. What does an online marketing agency do in terms of SEO(1)?


Content is one of the most important pillars of search engine optimization. Google values quality content. Content should be as relevant to the visitor as possible. It should closely match the search intent behind the query. There are certain requirements associated with this.

An online marketing agency knows exactly how Google’s algorithm works. These are the duties of an online marketing agency when it comes to content:

  • Keyword research: conducting comprehensive keyword research is crucial for the best final results. This is how an online marketing agency finds out the search intent of the target audience.
  • Content strategy: posting a weekly blog is no longer enough to rank higher in Google. An online marketing agency has the knowledge and experience to create an effective content strategy. This is how you turn winning pages, into readable pages as well.
  • Creating performing landing pages: an online marketing agency has a handy checklist that will help you write high-quality landing pages in no time.


Technology together with content constitutes ”on-page SEO.” This includes all optimizations made on the site itself. Whereas content is about the core of the website, SEO technology is its foundation. High-quality content, as you now know, is crucial. However, without SEO technique, the content does not reach the target audience.

Among other things, SEO technology realizes the security and speed of a website. In addition, technology includes how a Web site looks and how it functions. The foundation of a website consists of 3 parts:

  • HTML: realizes the content and structure of a Web site.
  • CSS: realizes the appearance of a Web site (the layout).
  • JavaScript: realizes dynamics on a Web site (interactivity and moving elements)

Technical SEO ensures that these 3 facets are optimized for Google. After all, a structured website makes it easy for Google to crawl (scan) your website. These are among the tasks of an online marketing agency in terms of technology:

  • Structuring data: the purpose of this is to obtain a featured snippet. This is a piece of text that is highlighted in the search engine. Google hands out featured snippets to structured websites.
  • Website speed optimization: a website should be as fast as possible. Slow websites cause visitors to drop out. An online marketing agency ensures that the website speed remains under 2 seconds.

Link Building

Link building involves obtaining quality and relevant backlinks. Backlinks are links that come in from another website. These links pass on SEO value from the original website.

For this reason, it is crucial to maintain high relevance and quality of backlinks. An online marketing agency has a link building network where the quality of backlinks is guaranteed. There are several methods that online marketing agencies use to obtain good backlinks. Below are the most common:

  • Guest blogging: an online marketing agency provides guest blogs to websites within the link building network. A guest blog has a backlink pointing to the website.
  • Broken backlinks: in this method, an online marketing agency tracks down broken backlinks. This method is somewhat outdated, but nevertheless produces results.

In addition, it happens that backlinks are for sale. Here, it is difficult to estimate the actual value of the backlink. The last thing you want as a business owner is to buy a backlink with low SEO value. In this regard, it is helpful to work with an online marketing agency.

Search engine advertising (SEA)

Another service that online marketing agencies often offer is Search Engine Advertising, or SEA. SEA involves placing ads in Google.(2)

Search engine advertising gets you ranked high in Google right away with a website. You obtain this high position by bidding on keywords. The popularity of a keyword is related to the cost of advertising on this keyword. The more competition, the higher the price for an ad.

The advantage of SEA is that a Web site will rank high right away. One drawback is that it comes at a high cost. Moreover, the high position is gone immediately when you stop advertising. Relative to SEO, SEA is a less sustainable strategy. These are the tasks of an online marketing agency in the field of search engine advertising:

  • Setting objectives: what goal is to be achieved and what budget is available to achieve it?
  • Maximizing Return On Investment (ROI). An online marketing agency has knowledge regarding achieving the highest possible ROI.

The benefits of working with an online marketing agency

Working with an online marketing agency brings benefits. For any form of online marketing, you need to have adequate knowledge of all facets. An online marketing agency fortunately has them. Benefits:

  • Knowledge: an online marketing agency keeps track of all relevant trends so you don’t have to.
  • Experience: an online marketing agency has dealt with issues from different industries regarding online marketing. Nothing is too crazy.
  • Team of copywriters: an online marketing agency has a creative team that creates content. They specialize in content writing. In addition, they know how to respond to the needs of the target audience.
  • Link building specialists: an online marketing agency has a network of link building specialists.

Working with an online marketing agency will give your business room to grow. You focus on the core, and an online marketing agency takes the strategy off your hands. Want to learn more about search engine optimization and what it can do for your business? The answer is just one bell away from you.


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