Keyword reporting

If you have a website, it’s a good idea to examine over time through keyword reporting to see if you’re on the right track. Will you be found using the keywords you use? What keywords are being used by competitors. To rank high in Google, this in particular is an important component.

And in what ways can you think of other keywords for better results. In short, keyword reporting is an excellent method for getting more visitors to your website.

What is keyword reporting?

A keyword report is a method of determining the effectiveness of your keywords. To do this research properly, you need a tool. There are several programs and websites that can support you in this regard. In fact, an SEO campaign without these programs is almost impossible to do.

Some require payment, and others are free. In reporting, you can see how often your target audience searches for a particular keyword. It also shows if there are many competitors using the same keyword.

Examples of keyword reporting

The results of a keyword report can be particularly enlightening. Often websites use words that are too general. These are used by many websites, so competition is fierce. This applies to both SEO and SEA.

It is better to choose a specific term. That is less frequently searched, but your site will be higher in the rankings. For example, if you want to write about making pastries, the term “making macaroons” is clearer than “making pastries,” and less general.

The importance of keyword reporting

Creating a keyword report is wise in three ways. First, find out what words will help you stand out from competing sites. Second, it’s easy to get higher in search engine rankings, and third, you get visitors primarily with matching interests.

The impact of keyword reporting

For the success of your website, keyword reporting is important. The effect is, by adjusting keywords for a longer period of time, you can get more visitors to your site.

My advice

It is useful to know your position as a website compared to the competition. A keyword report clarifies that. You also get suggestions with other keywords, which can cause you to get more visitors and rank higher on search engines. For keyword research, use a tool you are comfortable with.

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