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A website should consist of good links to other sites and pages to promote search engine optimization. A dead link is certainly not helpful in this case. What is a dead link and in what forms do you encounter it on websites today? We discuss all the important information about this concept on this page.

What is a dead link?

A dead link is a link on a website that no longer works. It affects the quality of a page with respect to search engine optimization and in addition, it may also cause a poorer user experience.

Dead links in practice

There are several ways dead links end up on a Web site. It is possible that there was an incorrect link when the link was created, but it is also possible that the website in question was removed or the URL changed. These are concrete examples of dead links.

Web crawlers of search engines detect the links on a website and evaluate them for relevance. A dead link makes the quality of a page a lot less; and this in turn affects search engine optimization and the visitor’s user experience.

The impact of a dead link on SEO

A dead link definitely impacts the SEO of a website or page. Is there a dead link on your website? Then chances are this will make your website a lot less relevant to the search engine. This, in turn, has the effect of lowering your ranking and thus making you less findable. Therefore, you do well to detect dead links on the website so that you are not inconvenienced by them.

My advice

So preventing a dead link on your website should be avoided as much as possible, in order to avoid poor SEO results.

We recommend tracking down the dead links on your website and removing or modifying them so they are relevant links again. Google, among others, has a tool for finding and removing dead links, but other free tools are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dead Link?

A dead link is a reference on a site to a particular page or website that no longer works. This not only looks sloppy but makes for a lesser user experience.

What is the impact of Dead Link on SEO?

A dead link directly impacts your website’s SEO. It can contribute to making your site much less relevant to the search engine so that you get a lower ranking in search results. So it is important to check for these regularly and correct them.

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