Determining SEO costs

Want help from an SEO copywriter or want to use an SEO consultant to improve your website’s results? Then it makes sense that you would want a good idea of the cost of relevant work ( the SEO costs ). I lay it out in this article.

What is the cost of SEO?

The cost of SEO depends on a number of things. So everyone has different issues and there are a lot of different forms of how I deploy SEO. In some cases, I handle the SEO from A to Z at an organization and in other cases, smaller adjustments are made.

Specifically, I base my price for an SEO project on the company’s level of competition and objective within SEO. As an experienced specialist, I charge a fixed hourly rate of €75 (excluding VAT).(1)

Determine SEO costs for a project?

I am happy to help estimate the SEO costs of a project . Please contact me for this.

Monthly SEO costs

Much of the SEO projects I do are monthly. The reason is that within a monthly track, I get the space to structurally strengthen content, technology and authority. You also don’t want to do this as an organization in one month – this is also unnatural to Google.

When I talk about monthly SEO costs, I am talking about the following:

  • From €500 per month –> A lightweight course for a coach or zzp’er, for example.
  • From € 1000 per month –> A route for a small SME looking to get a little more out of SEO.
  • From € 2000 per month –> Webshops or B2B websites that want to get significantly more out of SEO.
  • From € 3500, – per month –> Websites that really want to achieve the maximum within SEO and know its value well.

Of course one can think of examples that are below or above these amounts, but with this I capture about 85-90% of the organizations in the Netherlands.

How do you save on SEO costs?

One way to save on SEO costs is to do some of the work yourself. For example, using an SEO check, you can often find out for yourself where the areas for improvement on your website are. Furthermore, it is possible to take an SEO training or course in which you get clear guidance on how to optimize your website for search engines.

Just know that if your competitor does outsource the SEO to a specialist, the chances of you winning the competition are slim (similar to when you play a game of soccer against FC Barcelona).

Determine SEO costs for a project?

I am happy to help estimate the SEO costs of a project . Please contact me for this.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can SEO also be free?

SEO, unlike SEA, can also be free. However, if the organization you work for is partially dependent on SEO revenue, I would not work on it without a specialist. Chances are then something will go wrong, and correcting this is often a lengthy process.

Do the costs I incur with SEO pay for themselves?

So if you have your website properly optimized for search engines, it can definitely pay for itself and result in a higher ROI in the long run. However, it is important to remember that SEO is an ongoing process that requires time and effort to be effective.

Is there a formula to determine the cost of SEO?

There is no set formula to determine the cost of SEO because the cost depends on several factors, such as the size of your website, the complexity of your SEO strategy and the amount of work required to optimize your website. Moreover, the cost of SEO can vary depending on the specific SEO services you want to implement.

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