The different types of Google Ads Campaigns

A business needs advertising to increase brand awareness, for example. You can do this through traditional marketing tools, or online, through Google Ads. In this blog you will read what Google Ads is, what you can do with it and what types of Google Ads campaigns there are.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a Google advertising program that allows your business to advertise online using video campaigns, banner campaigns, search campaigns and app campaigns.

Google Ads is based on 3 principles:

  • Relevance
  • Check
  • Results

You can do this with Google Ads

So Google Ads is a handy tool for online marketing. Companies have several reasons for choosing Google Ads. These are the most common reasons for choosing Google Ads:

  • Boosting sales
  • Lead generation
  • Increase number of website visits
  • Influencing product consideration
  • Building brand awareness
  • Promoting an app

Types of Google Ads Campaigns

Once you have established a goal you want to achieve with Google Ads, as a business you have a choice between different types of ad campaigns. Below is an overview:

  • Display (displayed in HTML banners on websites)

Ads in HTML banners on websites. These can give both in words and images a first impression regarding what the company does and why it is interesting for the user to click on it.

  • Shopping (Google shopping)

Increase brand awareness when users view online content they are interested in. These ads promote products by giving users detailed information about what advertisers are selling. They are displayed on Google Shopping and next to search results.

  • Search (Search results text)

Prompts action on the Web site when users search for similar products or services. These ads are displayed alongside Google search results and on other Google partner sites, such as YouTube, when people search for products or services offered by an advertiser.

  • Video (Video advertising)

Promote products, share details about your inventory and drive traffic to your online or physical store. These ads are displayed separately or within other streaming video content on YouTube and in the Google Display Network.

  • App (App advertising)

These ads encourage engagement, app installs and in-app purchases. They appear in Google’s search and display networks, as well as on Google Play and YouTube.

  • Specialized Campaign Types
    • Local

Let Google Ads optimize how ads are displayed on Search, Maps, Display and YouTube to maximize offline performance.

  • Hotel

These campaigns show hotel rates and availability on Search, Maps, and Assistant to connect advertisers with the millions of travelers who are actively searching.

  • Discovery

Reach users in the YouTube Start Feed, Gmail and Google’s Discover Feed, all with one campaign.

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