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Today, content is king and SEO plays a big role in the success of marketing strategies. For CMOs, marketing managers and SEO experts, understanding E-E-A-T principles is critical. This is how they strengthen their company’s online presence.

In this article, I will discuss key factors to optimize author pages and effective strategies to create articles. The goal for both components is to increase content visibility and credibility.

What is E-E-A-T?

E-E-A-T stands for “Expertise,” “Experience,” “Authoritativeness” and “Trustworthiness. E-E-A-T determines the reliability of online content. The above terms are indispensable to search engines in assessing the value or relevance of a Web site or page.

Another reason why E-E-A-T is indispensable in an SEO strategy is because it has a major impact on ranking in search results. Not only is demonstrating expertise important, but also providing a fine experience, gaining users’ trust and building authority.

Defining expertise in an online persona

To define expertise in an online persona, you need to represent knowledge and experience in a clear and compelling way. This applies to both personal and company pages on LinkedIn. Below I offer some tips for defining expertise:

  • Show knowledge and insight: share original articles, white papers or blog posts to demonstrate knowledge and insight in a particular field. Not only does this reflect expertise, it is also valuable and informative content for followers.
  • Active participation: actively participate in relevant group discussions or forums within the field. A substantively good response or opinion strengthens one’s reputation as an expert.
  • Show professional experience: show relevant professional experiences and achievements on the LinkedIn profile. Think work experience, important projects, certificates or awards.
  • Recommendations and endorsements: it is important to collect recommendations and endorsements from colleagues, clients or other professionals. This increases credibility and shows that others in the same industry recognize the expertise.
  • Regular updates: regularly update the profile and company page with the latest developments, insights or achievements. This keeps the page up-to-date. This indicates commitment.

These strategies help build a strong online persona, a key component in the SEO roadmap.

Authority through LinkedIn

LinkedIn helps build authority for personal brands as well as businesses. Share your expertise by actively contributing to relevant conversations and sharing content that demonstrates your expertise. This creates more authority in a field. Here are some tips for building authority on LinkedIn:

  • Post regularly: regularly post insights, trend and news of interest to the industry. This shows not only knowledge of the industry, but also commitment.
  • Create and share original content: show expertise in the articles or videos you create. Be original and innovative and share content.
  • Be active in group discussions: active participation in group discussions increases visibility and demonstrates expertise.
  • Networking: to gain more authority, it is smart to build a large network with other professionals in the same industry.
  • Recommendations: ask for peer recommendations to increase authority and credibility.
  • Profile optimization: both the profile and the company page should be constantly updated. They should also have a professional appearance and show expertise and success.

Exude reliability

LinkedIn can also help you appear trustworthy. This is essential to build trust with the target audience. Some tips:

  • Be honest and transparent: being open about experiences and sharing results honestly increases reliability. Stay authentic, too.
  • Customer reviews: sharing customer reviews and case studies is also very important. These significantly increase reliability.
  • Consistent branding: remain consistent in branding across all different online channels. Not only does this contribute to reliability, but also recognition.
  • Active interaction: ensure active interaction with the network by responding to feedback and questions. This shows commitment and reliability.
  • Ensure consistency in posts: post regularly and consistently. That way, the network knows what to expect and you keep attracting continuous attention.

E-E-A-T for LinkedIn

Apply E-E-A-T to a personal or company page on LinkedIn following the steps below:

  • Show expertise: demonstrate knowledge and skills in a profile. For example, highlight relevant experiences, professional accomplishments and certifications.
  • Share experience: share content that reflects industry experience. This can be done, for example, with detailed articles, case studies or industry updates.
  • Authority: a Linked-In page is also suitable for showing authority in an industry. For example, lead discussions, conduct webinars or participate in panel discussions.
  • Gain trust: through consistent communication and transparency in messaging, network trust grows. Also show positive recommendations and endorsements.

Link building for LinkedIn

Link building for LinkedIn strengthens online presence. Consider the techniques below.

  • Share links to the LinkedIn page: integrate links to the LinkedIn page on the company website. Also put the link in email signatures or on other social media profiles.
  • Create shareable content: create and publish content that people want to share. Not only does this increase reach, but also natural link building.
  • Active networking: build relationships with other industry professionals by actively networking. This can lead to more links to the page.
  • Guest blogs: become a guest blogger and be sure to include the LinkedIn page in the bio.
  • Promote page: promote the LinkedIn page on other social media or in newsletters. This leads to more visitors and links to the page.

Enhancing the author page

Several elements are key to strengthening the author page on the website:

  • Comprehensive biography: write a comprehensive and informative biography that highlights expertise and experiences in the field.
  • Professional photos: use professional and current photos to demonstrate professionalism.
  • Links to published work: add links to previously published work, both on one’s own site and on external platforms. This demonstrates knowledge and expertise.
  • Certifications and awards: relevant certifications and awards contribute to professional recognition and credibility
  • Contact information: include contact information so readers can easily get in touch, such as regarding questions or collaborations.

E-E-A-T for articles

E-E-A-T can be applied to E-E-A-T in the following ways:

  • Research as support: reliable and current research can support points. This not only has a positive effect on the content, but also shows in-depth knowledge about the subject.
  • Unique insights: offers unique insights or solutions to problems within a field to show expertise and original thinking.
  • Cite sources: cite sources with authority to support views. Moreover, quotes give an article more weight.
  • Consistency and quality: every article should have the same high-quality content and writing style.
  • Interact with readers: provide interaction with readers by asking questions or soliciting feedback. This strengthens relationships and engagement with the audience.


E-E-A-T greatly increase the SEO position. Online visibility increases and brand reputation improves. Focus on strengthening author pages and produce high-quality, well-constructed articles. In this way, you not only strengthen authority in a field, but the engagement and trust of the target audience also become stronger, which in turn can improve SEO.

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