What does a search involve? In this article, we will tell you what a search query is and in what ways you interact with it when you engage in SEO. A search includes several intentions, which you will find in this article. We also talk about the potential added value of this information for improving the customer experience.

The intent of searches

It is important to be aware of how customers seek information. This way you respond optimally to the needs of the (potential) customer. A search consists of one or more words, which the searcher enters into a search engine.

The general purpose of a search is to obtain information. Besides the general purpose, a search query also has multiple intentions. Intentions can be exploratory or commercial in nature. From asking a question to obtaining information about a possible purchase. The results that flow from the search must match the customer’s actual need.

What can you do with this information now?

This information is crucial to properly responding to the searcher’s needs. You know exactly what a (potential) customer is looking for. When a problem arises, you reach out for an appropriate solution. Is the customer looking for additional information? Then make sure the right answers can be found. You serve the target audience in every way possible. This information allows you to reach your target audience in an optimal way.

Searches and SEO

All of this shows that the information behind a search is valuable. A query provides information about how the searcher obtains information. This information can be used to better reach the target audience.

For this reason, search is an important concept within SEO. It is important to have the right information ready when the searcher needs it. This enhances the way you serve your target audience. Tracking the searches pays off. This is reflected in the organic traffic you generate!

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