Rendering is a common term for some; others have never heard of it. Yet almost everyone deals with rendered imagery on a daily basis. Consider, for example, a computer game you are playing, a movie in the theater or an online video. So you run into rendered imagery basically everywhere. But what exactly is rendering and what can you do with it for your online findability?

What is rendering?

When you save an image it is very fast. This is because it is a static image that can be stored directly by the computer. With a video or an animation, this is a different story. In that case, we are talking about moving images consisting, for example, of 35 static images per second.

These must be saved one by one and converted to a video. Rendering allows a computer to generate digital images from raw data. So it’s about processing images for a film or animation.

Examples of rendering

There are two types of rendering, real-time rendering and pre-rendering. Real-time rendering involves rendering at the same time as the video is being used. This must be done at a rapid pace. Pre-rendering involves pre-rendering, so speed is not an issue.

The importance of rendering

When you are making a movie, you put all the filmed material in sequence until the images match. It seems simple, yet in reality more happens behind the scenes than you think. This is because the editor has to go through all the material, which is often several hours in total. Pre-rendering allows you to view material faster. During real-time rendering, the image may appear jerky.

Do you do this with YouTube videos? Then correct rendering can help you rank higher in Google.

The impact of rendering

Rendering can take from a few seconds to even a few days, depending on how long the video is and what kind of footage was used. For large 3D images, rendering can also take a while. The result, however, is a very realistic image in which all the details can be clearly seen.

My advice

If you want to create the most beautiful visuals quickly and accurately, whether for film, 3D or animation, rendering is indispensable. The better your computer, the faster the rendering will be and the less time you will spend. So it is definitely advisable to choose a suitable computer if you are involved in rendering on a daily basis.

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