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Want to make your search term research easier? Then check out Keywords Everywhere. This extension for your browser gives you instant overview. In the overview you will find information about the search term. The big advantage is that you have this ready to go right away.

What is Keywords Everywhere?

In the overview provided by Keywords Everywhere, you will see four aspects. You see the volume of the search term, the CPC, how much competition there is on the search term and trend data. CPC stands for cost per click and is what is paid for a click through the search term. With this information, you can get to work improving your organic findability.(1)

Unique pricing system

Search term volume indicates how many times the particular term has been searched for in the past 12 months. The trend data provides an overall view of the search term and goes back to 2004. So you get information about the search term since 2004. You can see all this information through your browser. You can download the extension for different browsers.

Keywords Everywhere sets itself apart by not charging a monthly fee. Instead, you pay for a number of credits. You don’t get a discount when you buy more. There is simply a price per credit. One credit is good for one search term. For that, you pay once, until the credits run out.

Impact on SEO

Search terms are the basis for a good SEO campaign. The right search terms should produce your site or page as a result in search results. Preferably as high on the first page as possible. For that, understanding data from search terms is helpful. For that, use Keywords Everywhere. Directly it does not have an impact. You use the information from Keywords Everywhere to improve your online findability.

My advice

Keywords Everywhere’s unique pricing system is very attractive. They make it easier for you to do search term research because you have an instant overview of all the data regarding a search term. It may be tempting to buy in a bunch of credits right away. Above all, don’t. You’re not cheaper, and besides, the credits expire after a year. So start at the minimum number of credits. You will find out how long you do with this and if you need to stock up on more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is an extension for your web browser that supports you in conducting keyword research. It gives you an instant overview with comprehensive information about the entered search term, such as search volume, amount of competition, Cost per Click (CPC) and trend information.

What is the impact of Keywords Everywhere on SEO?

SEO is all about using the right keywords to make your website easy to find and get a good ranking in search results. By using the insights Keywords Everywhere gives you, you can further optimize your SEO.

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