On a website, you often see an advertisement on the sides. This ad is in the form of a strip. This is called a banner. This ad stands out because you look at the center of the screen and the banners move along the side. A user’s search history affects what is seen on the banner. In this article, we will tell you what a banner is and how it is used as an advertisement.

What is a banner?

A banner is a form of advertisement on the Internet. It is a strip that usually involves moving images. When the banner is clicked, a link redirects you to the relevant page with more information.

The webmaster of the website receives a fee per click. The banner should be as attractive as possible to the visitor. The more attractive the banner, the more likely it will be clicked. This is because then the visitor will click through. This can be achieved by showing an offer with a clear call-to-action. (1)

Benefits of banners

There are two benefits of advertising through banners.

  • Banner ads are personalized. Based on browsing history, the visible ad is personalized. This increases the likelihood that a visitor will click on the ad.
  • Banners work well for brand building. Brands mainly display their logo and company name to increase their own brand awareness. This increases brand visibility and is conducive to brand credibility.

Choosing a banner or SEO

Using banners is less sustainable than SEO. Banners require multiple investments in succession. In addition, banner revenues dry up immediately when the investment is discontinued. SEO will benefit you for the long term. Ranking high in search results is not for a short time. You build this up gradually. Google then finds your website relevant and authoritative. The moment you optimize your website, you reap the benefits for a long time. We recommend performing SEO. It saves advertising costs and generates significantly more organic traffic!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Banner?

A banner is an online advertisement in the form of a strip with generally moving images in it. By clicking on the banner, you will be linked to the website that requested the ad. The more attractive the banner is made, the greater the chance that people will click on it. The owner of the site that placed the banner receives compensation per click.

What is the impact of Banner on SEO?

Its use is at odds with good SEO. With banners, you have to keep investing in the ads or the effect will be gone. So these costs recur every time. SEO is something you set up for the long term. You benefit from this much longer and it also generates much more organic traffic.

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