SEO Update #22 | 07/06/2022 | Up Digest

This is already the 22nd SEO update from me, Ralf van Veen (SEO specialist). It has been down for a while, but as a result, we also have more to discuss (good news, that is). Let’s start right away.

Fast news from SEO land

We start with the fast news from SEO land. Quick, but no less important.

  • There was a confirmed core update from Google in May that took about 2 weeks to fully roll out.
  • Google has added new Google rich results to show enriched results for video (see image #1).
  • Google has proposed new semantics around the Structured Data Author.
  • Google has added new structured data for Q&A (education). With Quiz structured data, this can be added in the form of flashcards.
  • Google has displayed some common errors in page titles on their website. See here.
  • Google also reviewed the validity of <meta> tags in the <head> displayed on the website. See here for this page.
  • Moz’s home page had been removed from search results for a while.

Tags in sitemaps become invalid (as of 06/08/2022)

A number of tags are no longer validated by Google. This has no impact on results in Google.

  • Caption
  • Geo_location
  • Title & license tags/attributes within image sitemaps and category
  • Player_loc[@allow_embed], player_loc[@autoplay], gallery_loc, price[@all] & tvshow[@all] within video sitemaps

Google Webspam report (SpamBrain – 2021)

Google has published its 2021 SpamBrain report. SpamBrain is the name for the AI spam detector deployed by Google. The link to the full report can be found here. A summary of the results I have listed below:

  • In 2021, SpamBrain found 6x more spam than in 2020.
  • More than 99% of searches within Google are spam-free.
  • The issues Google has made the most progress on are link spam, scams and online harassment of people.
  • The number of scams has dropped 40% through various efforts.

Google’s goal is clear. Google wants to serve high-quality content, without manipulation of it, to the user.

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