This is how you determine the quality of backlinks

Getting backlinks from other websites helps to improve your SEO. It provides the so-called “linkjuice. Linkjuice shows the number of links on the Internet to your website. That is, the websites that link to your websites.

You obviously want to obtain as many relevant and quality links as possible. But how do you actually determine the relevance and quality of a backlink?

In this article, I explain what to look for when choosing backlinks.

Determining quality of backlinks at a glance

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Determining quality of backlinks (video).

How do you look for the links?

Links from good quality and relevant sites provide positive ratings for your website, but how on earth do you find those good sites? We explain it to you in 4 steps.

  1. First, decide what keywords you want to be found for. For example, use Google Analytics or Google Suggest for this purpose.
  1. Then type these keywords into Google. See which pages rank high (top 1 to 10) on these words. These are your competitors.
  1. Find out what backlinks your competitors have obtained. Use an SEO tool with backlink checker for this and see which sites they have obtained backlinks from.

Examples of backlink checkers are:

  • Open Site Explorer;
  • Majestic SEO;
  • SEranking;
  • Linkbird;
  • SEO Spyglass;
  • Ahrefs.
  1. Make a list of relevant pages for your website. Approach these sites with caution. By no means every site just wants to post a link. So you need to properly indicate that your website is really relevant to the website and visitor. Thus, good motivation is essential.

How do you determine backlink quality?

So you can make a relevant list for your website to approach for links. But how do you determine if it is link or qualitative? For this, you use mainly the DR and PA.

  • Choose a site with a good ratio in DR and PA. DA is the Domain Authority. This number indicates the value for the overall domain. PA stands for Page Authority the value for 1 individual page. A website with a high DR and PA do well in Google and are better to get links from than a website with a low DA and PA.
  • Choose a site that is somewhat related to your website in terms of theme. Don’t request a referral link from a site that represents a totally different topic as your website. An example: your website is about SEO. Then don’t request a link from the local baker’s website.

This way, you can be sure that the page or website from which you (hopefully) obtain a link will rank well with Google. Only when the site is qualitative and relevant to your website does it help your SEO.(1)(2)

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My advice

Quality is more important than quantity. Obtaining a qualitative and relevant backlink counts, so to speak, for dozens of non-qualitative and relevant backlinks. Therefore, I recommend always choosing quality and relevance. It may take a little more time and energy, but you will end up with much more for your SEO and website.

Spend a lot of time in writing motivations to websites and try to be helpful to both parties. This way, you will obtain quality backlinks for your website faster and in a good way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quality of a backlink?

You want to get backlinks from other websites, because then you can significantly improve your SEO with them. You want to obtain as many relevant and quality links as possible if possible. You must first know for yourself well what keywords you want to be found on. Google Analytics can be used for this purpose. You then type those words into Google and you’ll see which pages rank high (these would be your competitors).

What backlinks have they obtained? For that, you can use a tool with backlink checker and then you will see which sites they have the backlinks from. To determine if that you have quality backlinks use DR and PA. You should choose a site where the ratio of DR to PA is good. You should also choose a site that is connected to you, in terms of theme, for example.

If you have any doubts about the quality of a backlink, as an SEO specialist I can always look with you and verify that everything is in order. I know from experience that backlinks are important, which is why you can always contact me for that.

What is the impact of high quality backlinks on SEO?

If you have how quality backlinks then it has a positive impact on SEO. Google sees it as an added value; it exudes reliability. But when that your website can be found high in the search engines, customers know how to find you better, too. They like to look for a website where reliability is high, which is why they are more likely to visit your site.

There are many factors that contribute to good findability in Google, but backlinks are also an important part of this. It’s not about the quantity of backlinks, it’s about the quality, and that’s what Google looks at. You want to radiate reliability, which is why I recommend you take the time and effort to arrange good backlinks.

If you have any questions about it or can’t figure it out yourself, or don’t have the time, as an SEO specialist I can always look with you and make sure you get high quality backlinks that will have a good impact on your website’s SEO.

What happens if I receive a low-quality backlink?

A low-quality backlink creates a negative rating in Google, as it does not add value to your website. It is therefore wise to invest in high-quality backlinks. You have to keep in mind that it takes time and doesn’t all happen by itself. Good work takes time and so does building a good, high-quality backlink profile.

You may not have much experience with it, or may not have the time to delve into it. No worries, then leave it to an SEO specialist. I make sure that low quality backlinks are replaced with high quality links. It’s all about quality, you want to radiate reliability and therefore you’re going to rank higher in the search engines including Google.

But again, this is a process; it does not happen by itself. Time and effort, but then it pays off. Therefore, you can outsource it to me and I will charge 75 euros per hour. Beforehand, I can tell you all the things I can do for you, because when it comes to SEO, I am your expert.

Is it wise to hire an expert to get high quality backlinks?

If you don’t know much about high quality backlinks or you don’t have the time to figure it out, it is definitely recommended to hire an expert for this. Any website can get high backlinks of good quality, but this should be looked at carefully. An SEO specialist like me can support you in this. I can take the work from you and then make sure that this will also make you rank better in the search engines like Google.

High quality backlinks often don’t just come your way, that requires proper and extensive research and that takes time. This is often the reason people hire me so I can do the work for them. You focus on what you’re good at and I’ll do that for your website. Outsourcing can be done whenever you want, you’re not stuck with anything.

I make sure you know what to expect from me. But if your website has a few high-quality backlinks, it does benefit its indexing in Google, its position in the search engines, and the reliability you portray to your visitors and in the search engines.

How many high quality backlinks can I obtain per month?

You can obtain a large number of high-quality backlinks per month. In fact, there is no fixed number attached to that. It also depends on the website you have. That’s why I recommend you have an SEO specialist look at the whole process. I can see for you which links are of good quality and which are also relevant. The important thing is that everything is good, you can have a lot of links, but if it’s of low quality, it won’t do you any good.

Therefore, be aware that you should not focus on the high number of good quality backlinks per month, but go for quality and not quantity. You might have ten new links one month and more or less the next, it will depend on what you are going to come across, it has to fit your site.

Would you like to know more about it or want to know if your backlinks are of good quality? Or maybe you’d like to add some quality backlinks for this month? Then contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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