An IT traineeship in 2023: everything you need to know

An IT apprenticeship is very convenient to have and this way of getting a degree is even nicer. If you’re not into going to school constantly and want to get more hands-on experience, this is definitely the way for you to get your IT degree. For companies looking for people with experience, this is the way to go.

What does an IT traineeship consist of?

An IT traineeship consists of several components. It is divided into two years and each year is divided into two parts of half a year each. Every six months you actually move forward, so to speak. In fact, you start with a so-called bootcamp where you learn the IT language and acquire the basics. It is important to master this to know what the terms being discussed mean.

In the second part of the first year, you get to work. You’ve had the theory and of course you want to put it into practice, as you obviously should. You will then start in an IT department at one of our clients that we will pair you with. You’ll work as a service desk assistant so you can really learn the ropes. In the second year, you get to go see which jobs you like best and then you can apply for those.

In the meantime, you always retain access to the academy so you can continue learning while working in the field. A roadmap is created for your future here. In the last six months, you are going to specialize, so you can really focus on what you think you are good at and what you would really like best. You have a 70% job guarantee after this traineeship.

Who provides this training?

QISS IT consists of a large team of IT professionals eager to impart their knowledge to inquisitive people. The team consists not only of the as it were “teachers,” but also of people who are committed to the organization itself and make sure that everything runs smoothly within the company. Like any other company, Qiss It needs people like that.

You will have contact with most of these people during your traineeship. They support the people in this training and gladly commit to it.

That the IT world is a broad idea, we already knew. More often, it is immediately thought that you immediately know everything about computers and so can solve everything. So this also often makes people think that they cannot handle this work or training. Yet this course is much broader than you might initially think.

What will you learn during the course?

During training, it is important that really your qualities come out. You will receive personal guidance so that truly your passion is well found and the training is tailored accordingly. It is a goal to actually find work that suits you well. There is no point in working somewhere you don’t like. Therefore, this is so broad that you can definitely do something you like. Every business needs an IT department.

The course takes a total of two years in which you do something different each semester, or at least focus on something different. The training is focused on giving you the necessary theory first and based on that they are going to put you into practice so that you also get to know the practice well and already have the necessary experience.

In the first year, you first learn theory for six months. Then in the second semester you get to meet and work in the field for the first time. In year 2 we will look for a job that suits you well so you can develop further. You can just continue learning online so you can always continue to develop. In your senior year, you’re really concerned with specializing in an area you like best.

How do I register?

Have you become interested and want to know more? Or would you like to enroll in the course right away? You can do that very easily by contacting Qiss It. You can do this yourself directly through the website or you can fill out a contact form with your details and they will contact you to discuss the possibilities for you in this course.

At this time, you can look at the general information on the website such as the location of the property. This way you can prepare in advance for your travel time and your other daily activities to ensure that it is possible for you to take this course. Curious about the IT traineeship? If so, please take a moment to contact QISS-IT.

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