SEO content outsourcing

Outsource SEO content to a specialist

More and more companies want to outsource SEO content to a specialist, but why? If you have been able to make your hobby/passion your work, you often tell and write about it with great passion. However, what is forgotten here is the findability of your website in Google. The other way around, you make great use of your search engine optimization knowledge, but you lose sight of your website visitors.

In both situations, you get stuck after a while and find that the findability of your website in Google is not good enough. The competition is one step ahead of you every time, and so you lose revenue. This, of course, is a shame. But fortunately, there is a solution to that, which is to outsource the work to a specialist.

A good time to outsource SEO content to the specialist. After all, you need a good balance between online findability and good content. You want to drive your visitors to conversion, but you also need high-quality content for your website.

The goal entrepreneurs usually have in mind is to attract more potential customers; you want to increase sales from your web shop or website, right? The SEO content specialist is the right person to help you further and you can make that work now!

The benefits of SEO content outsourcing

SEO content outsourcing offers many advantages:

  • An experienced SEO copywriter writes the texts of your website and ensures a higher ranking in Google.
  • The needs/wants of your target audience are directly considered.
  • You have your hands free to focus on other things within your business.

Everyone’s area of expertise and that includes developing content for websites. Maybe you have in mind what you want to tell your visitors, but you can’t get it translated into good text.

An SEO content specialist can transform your requirements into a readable text that meets search engine optimization guidelines. Let this be exactly what you need to ensure that you get more potential visitors to your website.

SEO content outsourcing

Creating the content for landing pages

Creating content for landing pages is work for an SEO specialist. A specialist will go to work for you, knows Google’s guidelines and knows what a good text must meet. Maybe you have a little idea of how it works yourself, but don’t have time or get stuck at the end.

No worries, because you can outsource the work just fine and then you can be sure that it will be done properly. A good SEO content specialist also pays for itself quickly. Because landing pages meet the guidelines, potential customers know how to find your website or online store. The chances that they will buy something from you or purchase a service are increasing.

What should you pay attention to when writing good findable content?

Good findable content is important for your website. But how do you write good findable content? To begin with, it looks at the needs of your target audience.

  • In what way is your potential customer searching?
  • How do they think?
  • What words do they type in on Google?

You need to understand your target audience and from there it is possible to respond to the search query. Potential customers will visit your website and content should be of good quality so that visitors will proceed to a real purchase.

Can you see yourself managing this on your own? You could make an attempt, but it’s nicer if you can outsource the work completely. After all, writing good findable content is a skill in itself, and we can help you with that!

SEO text should be optimized for visitors, but also for Google. A text should be easy to read, your website should be user-friendly and therefore the text should be written for the visitors (and not purely for Google).

Working with an SEO writer

By working with an SEO writer, you will experience a number of benefits immediately. Of course, a copywriter knows how to write quality content for search engine optimization (such as Google). This saves you time as a business owner, which is why outsourcing is a good choice.

Duplicate content must also be avoided, and SEO copywriters know all about that. So you don’t have to worry about it, everything is thought of! So the best thing you can do is work with an SEO writer. No more worries, you know it will be fine and you can focus on other things within your business.

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With this broad experience within SEO, I have developed the SEO course and helped hundreds of companies with improved findability in Google in a sustainable and transparent way. For this you can consult my portfolio, references and collaborations.

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