Collaboration with Klimaatfeiten

Collaboration with Klimaatfeiten

Klimaatfeiten is a non-profit organization dedicated to awareness around climate. The organization is engaged in conducting research on various sources surrounding climate worldwide. The result of this survey is displayed on the website.

Samenweking met Klimaatfeiten

An increase in organic traffic


Top-10 positions for relevant keywords


Increase in session duration per visitor

The beginning of cooperation

I was approached in late 2019 by one of the owners of Klimaatfeiten, Frans. Frans was looking for someone to help do the initial analysis and create a solid SEO strategy.

Na het opstellen van de analyse en het verwerken hiervan door de klant is het aantal organische bezoekers met meer dan 200% toegenomen. De bezoekers kunnen nu ook gebruiksvriendelijk door de website gaan doordat de website een stuk sneller en toegankelijker is.

What did I do for Klimaatfeiten?

For Klimaatfeiten, I conducted a number of analyses. The question was, can you do the analysis so that we (Klimaatfeiten) can process it? Working with me in this way saves a lot in the hours I make (and the costs the client incurs as a result). My work was performed in one month and consisted of:

Keyword research

Preparing keyword research. Based on our keyword research, I created an appropriate content strategy. This content strategy could easily be implemented by the client.

Targeted content

Preparation of a technical website analysis that the client could use to get started on their own. I presented the results of the technical website analysis in bite-sized chunks so that processing them did not take up too much of the client’s time.

Link building

Creating a link building strategy. With this strategy in place, Klimaatfeiten was able to get started on its own and begin obtaining relevant and quality backlinks.

What was the result of the efforts?

Klimaatfeiten had not been live for long at the time I started the collaboration. As a result, the website was not yet receiving many organic visitors and was also only partially indexed.

After the analysis was prepared and processed by the client, the number of organic visitors increased by more than 200%. The visitors can now also go through the website in a user-friendly way because the website is a lot faster and more accessible.

Klimaatfeiten speak for themselves

Cases | Klimaatfeiten

“Ralf did a great job of helping me put the site on the map. Highly recommended!”

Frans Schrijver
Fpunder of Klimaatfeiten