Collaboration with Heating World

Collaboration with Heating World

Heating World is one of the larger suppliers of flues and stove pipes in Europe. I started working for the Dutch and French web shops. The websites are on different domains (a .fr and a .nl), which makes the process even more interesting. The collaboration started in September 2022, we still work together structurally on this project in a monthly form.

I am very enthusiastic about the entrepreneurship of the owner of the web shops and the fun, smooth collaboration we have.

Collaboration with Heating World

An increase in organic traffic


An increase in sales from SEO


Search terms organically in the top 10

The beginning of cooperation

The collaboration started in September 2022. After making the first analyzes and conducting market research, we started a monthly process in which we worked on all facets of SEO.

What have I done for Heating World and Tubage Center?

Together with the customer I started working on a complete SEO process. The central focus was on drawing up a content strategy and implementing it, in combination with link building. Where necessary we worked on the technology, but this was not the spearhead of this process.

  • Content: in the field of content, we started writing quality content for both the French and Dutch webshops based on a content strategy.
  • Technical SEO: based on a technical website analysis, we have drawn up a technical SEO strategy together, which we still implement monthly to this day.
  • Link building: in the field of off-page SEO, we obtain quality link listings to the website every month.
  • International SEO: Through an international SEO strategy we have ensured that everything is well connected and the authority is divided between the domains.

Because we have worked on all aspects of SEO, we have achieved good growth for both web shops.

Result Heating World

With the Heating World website we have gone from approximately 600 organic visitors per month to 4,500 organic visitors per month. This is a growth of more than 700%.

Result Tubage Center

For the Tubage Center website (aimed at the French market), we went from approximately 950 organic visitors per month to 4,500 organic visitors per month.

Heating World has its say

Cases | Heating World

“I came into contact with Ralf van Veen by looking for a company that organically has the best place in Google with its own website. Ralf and his team guide us in optimizing our websites. They have created a professional plan with strategic planning to achieve a higher ranking with our websites. Very satisfied with the work they have completed.”

Peter Brussaard
Owner of Heating World & Tubage Center