I work as an SEO specialist for regular assignments with an hourly rate of €75 (excl. VAT). I do not take unannounced calls while working for my clients. I have set times for this. This way, when the client hires me for an hour, they actually get 60 minutes of concentrated work.

Regular customers can ask questions by phone or email. I understand that SEO is not as tangible for everyone, consulting I see as a core component of my offering for this reason. Mails I receive from customers I answer the same business day.

What does a pathway look like for me, broadly speaking?

SEO roadmap | Rates

My role in the project

My role varies by project. There are times when I only take on the supervision of the implementation of my findings. The intensity of this depends on the knowledge, skill and desire of the client.

I may also take on the entire implementation of the findings. I discuss my findings and the intended end result before actual implementation.

Intake / planning

In all my quotes, I include a detailed schedule. I resend this schedule, along with supplies, prior to the course. This way I create a clear picture of the work and its duration.


During my work as an SEO specialist, I try to make the client as self-sufficient as possible. I do this by explaining all of my documents in detail and including the client in my process.


I invoice all my work after it has been performed. I send the invoice at the beginning of the month for work done in the previous month. 

Do I take on all projects?

It sometimes happens that I get requests from clients in industries I already work for. If this new client is a direct competitor of an existing one, I cannot take on the project.

In addition to the above reason, I also look critically at the company and its online objective. SEO may not be the optimal marketing tool for the company in question. Again, I advise honestly and openly.