Collaboration with Spoelbakhuis

Spoelbakhuis is the provider in the Netherlands of … you guessed it … sinks! With a wide selection of brands and sinks, everyone can find the sink of their dreams.

The collaboration began in 2023 after a request from Emiel of Spoelbakhuis, the marketer working on the website. Emiel had experience within SEO himself, so the click was there right away. We quickly got to work on the trajectory.

Collaboration with Spoelbakhuis

Increase in organic traffic.


Increase in keywords in the top 3


Increase in conversions from the web shop.

The beginning of cooperation

The collaboration began in 2023, where Emiel found me through Google and made an inquiry through my website. In the first phase, we were able to spar about a possible strategy for this project (what had already been done in terms of SEO and where did we still see opportunities).

The goal of the course was to boost sales of specific categories on the website. SEO is particularly the channel for this because sales through the SEA channel cut very much into the margins of web shops.

Collaboration with Spoelbakhuis

What have I done for Spoelbakhuis?

For Spoelbakhuis, I work structurally on technical SEO and link building. I did this for the website:

  • In month 1, I conducted a full keyword research that included a content strategy that Spoelbakhuis could continue to work with on its own.
  • Every month I analyze a key landing page, offering targeted advice on how to improve it.
  • Every month I obtain links to the most important pages of the website in order to provide them with more authority.

The success of this project can be explained by our monthly work on content, technology and link building. This ensures a good effect on the number of visitors and conversions on the website.

What was the result of the efforts?

When I started this project, the web shop obtained almost no traffic (especially for a web shop, it was little). This was also where the strategy was, to change this as soon as possible. Thus, we went from less than 500 visitors per month to more than 6,000 visitors per month. We are in the top three for our main search terms, which also results in many quality conversions.

Spoelbakhuis in the word

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“We have had a fine cooperation with Ralf & Jeremy with our webshop. They supported us with clear SEO analyses and documents that were tailored to our pace. Communication was clear and smooth. I definitely recommend these guys if you get stuck on your SEO!”

Emiel Lockhorst
Senior marketer at Spoelbakhuis