Collaboration with Huissteden

Collaboration with Huissteden

Huissteden is a specialist in sewing machines and everything that goes with them. The company is run by its owner, Stefan Huissteden. The goal of the website is to generate conversions and more visits in the physical store.

Samenweking met Huissteden

More than 150% increase in organic traffic


#2 position for the most important keyword


A 215% increase in impressions

The beginning of cooperation

A client of mine introduced me to Stefan van Huissteden as the SEO specialist. The click was there in the first conversation and soon after we started the process.

Stefan had a focused and clear issue, more quality organic visitors to the website and more conversions. Clear story where I can help well.

What did I do for Huissteden?

For Huissteden, I got to work on a full trajectory. Together with the website builder, I work on the technical side. Together with the content writer, I work on the content and I myself do everything in terms of link building (in accordance with the SEO strategy I have drawn up). Below is a sampling of the work.

Keyword research

Prepare a complete keyword research with a corresponding content strategy. This content strategy is implemented over a long period of time. For each month, the direction of the trajectory was determined.

Website Analyze

A technical website analysis and guidance on its implementation. Based on the analysis, a strategy was prepared. This strategy is implemented into the website on a monthly basis, bit by bit. As a result, we improve the quality of the website on a monthly basis.

Link building

A complete link building process. As the symbolic engine of the process, I carry out a full link building process where I improve the authority of the website.

What was the result of the efforts?

Huissteden was not yet easily found in Google. With a #10 position on the most important keyword, “sewing machine,” there was work to be done. Within a few months, we turned this #10 position into a #2 position.

Organic traffic has increased by 150% where I have not only improved the quantity. The quality of traffic and conversion on the website has also increased.

Huissteden - Resultaat van den inspanningen

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“Already for a while customer at Ralf van Veen. Super service, always available and fast response. Our preferred partner when it comes to online marketing. Top company!”

Stefan Huissteden
Owner at Huissteden