Collaboration with WTS Energy

Need suitable staff quickly, help with personnel management, or a partner for a new project? WTS Energy understands that every situation is unique and offers customized solutions with three distinctive services for energy pioneers worldwide.

A fun, dynamic company with a lot of knowledge in online marketing. I have been working with this party on SEO since March 2023, where we have been able to achieve a nice result.

Collaboration with WTS Energy

Increase in organic traffic.


Increase in keywords in the top 3


Increase in conversions from SEO.

The beginning of cooperation

The collaboration began in March 2023. WTS made an application through the website where, after several conversations, we soon began the project. I worked with the client to create a clear strategy in month 1 on content, technology and link building.

The issue was clear. The goal of this course was to obtain more quality applicants from SEO (worldwide). The challenge here was that organic traffic had been declining for a long time; we were able to quickly reverse this declining trend to an increasing one (thankfully).

Collaboration with WTS Energy

What have I done for WTS Energy?

For WTS Energy, I work on every part of SEO on a monthly basis. Briefly, I did the following:

  • Established the complete SEO strategy in terms of technology, content and link building.
  • A technical SEO strategy has been drawn up, linked to a content strategy that we implement monthly with internal copywriters.
  • In terms of quality content writing, I work with WTS where I draft the content strategy and it is executed internally by WTS.
  • In terms of technical SEO, I work with the website builder to work out and implement areas for improvement on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly, I obtain quality links to appropriate landing pages to provide them with more authority.

This track works so well because we improve every part of SEO on a monthly basis in a qualitative way.

What was the result of the efforts?

An increase in organic traffic from approximately 1,500 per month to more than 10,000 each month. The result? An increase in conversions from SEO of upwards of 600% (the screenshot below is from Ahrefs).

WTS Energy has its say

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“We started working with Ralf some time ago and we can enthusiastically say that he offers a world of improvement to our company, and to our clients. Ralf and his team work accurately and concretely. They are always one step ahead with the strategy the they offer us and our clients. 5/5 is an understatement!”

Tristan Pahud de Mortanges
Senior web developer at WTS Energy