Collaboration with Suppdog

An innovative nutritional supplement provider, Suppdog has taken the market by storm with their unique products and approach to health and wellness. Since April 2023, I have had the pleasure of working with this dynamic company, where we focus on strengthening their online presence through an extensive SEO process.

Communication with Suppdog is smooth and I enjoy working with several contacts. For many of my processes, I see this as a great advantage for achieving quick and good results.

Collaboration with Suppdog

An increase in organic traffic


Search terms organically in the top 10


An increase in sales from SEO

The beginning of cooperation

The collaboration with Suppdog started in April 2023. After a thorough analysis of their current online presence and in-depth market research, we have set up a monthly SEO program that focuses on all facets of SEO: content, technical SEO and link building.

What have I done for Suppdog?

For Suppdog I started working on a complete SEO strategy, drawn up for a relatively new website to achieve quick results.

  • Content: Development and implementation of a content strategy, creating high-quality content that meets the needs and questions of their target group.
  • Technical SEO: Implementation of a technical SEO strategy, based on extensive analysis, to optimize the website experience for users and search engines.
  • Link building: Monthly acquisition of high-quality backlinks to strengthen the authority of the website.

What was the result of the efforts?

The results of our collaboration are impressive and underline the importance of an integrated SEO approach (in the areas of content, technology and link building).

Suppdog has its say

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“We are growing fast in terms of SEO. A little better every month and the action plan is clear.”

Rik Koopman
Owner of Suppdog