Collaboration with Customer Success

Collaboration with Customer Success

Customer Success is an innovative tech company that focuses on the customer service of large companies in the Netherlands and its accessibility. My contact at the company is Ruben, with whom I also worked on the project for StartSelect.

Samenweking met Customer Success

350+ keywords in the top 10


Within 4 months 50+ organic visitors per day


Top-3 positions for the 5 most important keywords

The beginning of cooperation

Ruben contacted me in early 2021 about the Customer Success track. Together with Ruben and the owners of the company, we created a strategy for search engine optimization. This strategy consisted of improving the website in terms of technical SEO, content and link building. The website had just been created. So we started from 0, also for Google.

What did I do for Customer Success?

I embarked on a monthly SEO process that focused on link building and content. From the beginning of the process, we wanted to focus on good content and improved website authority.

Website Analysis

A full technical website analysis and elaboration. The technical website analysis was implemented in the website together with the website builder.


Created a complete content strategy. In consultation with the clients, I developed this which we used to improve the website when it comes to the quantity and quality of the content.

Link building

Monthly link building that focuses on improving authority.

What was the result of the efforts?

With this process, we started with a new website, with 0 organic traffic. After an 8-month journey, we were in the top 10 on over 350 keywords with the most relevant keywords ranking in the top 3.

Customer Success - Resultaat van de inspanningen

Customer Success has its say

Cases | Customer Success

“I have now worked with Ralf (and his team) at two of my employers. I have always found this to be very pleasant and in the process the results have always been super. I hope to be able to work together with Ralf for a long time to come.”

Ruben van de Meulenreek
Marketing manager at Customer Succes